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Saturday, February 19, 2011

tekanan & kekecewaan

semua org mengalami tekanan & kekecewaan dlm, bergantung pd individu on how u would handle it...the way u handle it will result in different outcome even if the type of depression is just the a normal human being it is impossible that life would be as nice as in the fairy tales. it is impossible u will end up living happily ever after. depression and frustration will always come in between u...the thing matter right now, how would u address your depression and frustration?

as a student, there are lots of things that i should sometime drive me to feel stressful all day long or all week long...i cant sleep well, eat well or event think well...i will be drive far from my real self...luckily, there's always someone that i can always rely on...i can always share anything that bothering me...thanks a lot to that person or else i will end up messing myself and my head with all stupids weird things...

frustration?i remember 1 time when i broke up with my ex...i end up crying all night...but, i'm the 1 that ask for quite strange but it happen when i realize that the decision was not so me...why did i broke up?i dont really know the reason why...frustration always come when u done something without thinking about the think wisely when ever it come to decision matter what decision are u going to make just make sure think about it properly...


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